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Feeling better…. September 24, 2009

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I feel a little better about the fact that I don’t have a full time job yet……I’m not the only one, and I finally came to terms with it. I’m not sure exactly what I should be doing with my life right now — sometimes I think I should be more proactive by keeping myself busy. But I did make that first step by getting a part-time job =) It feels good to be working again and having money in my pockets =)

The job market is tough right now, so I would suggest recent grads to hold a part-time job…but it’s also important to continually look for a full-time serious job as well….no rush though…everyone knows how bad the job search is right now…


September 22, 2009

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I just hope that I find a job soon….this is getting ridiculous…or should I blame the economy and the job market for being ridiculous? I graduated in May..and it’s been about 4 months since I’ve been unemployed…I’m a journalism major interested in marketing/advertising/editing/publishing. Greatly appreciate the help I can get..or referrals! Thanks a bunch! =)


I thought love was supposed to be patient… September 16, 2009

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Woke up this morning and got going on some job searching…as usual.

Things were going fine until my bf asked if I was going to be able to sleep over his place for his bday (Dec.) and for New Year’s. First, let me explain my situation so that you can understand things a little better.

I just graduated from college and moved back home. I come from a sort of old-school traditional household. I’m 21-years-old and will be turning 22 soon in Oct. Yet my mom still sees me as a kid (even though I am the oldest of three), and she doesn’t approve of me sleeping over my bf’s house (of almost four years) because she thinks it’s wrong. To her, I shouldn’t be sleeping over because I’m not married to him yet. And when I spit back that I’ve been going out with him for so long, and eventually going to get married to him, she retorts back, “You can’t sleep over…it’s not like you’re married to him or anything…so what’s the rush?” I’m just sick and tired of it all…I’m caught in the middle.

On one side, my mom wants me to stay with her for a year and I’m not allowed to sleep over. On the other side, my boyfriend cannot comprehend why my mom is acting like this and enforcing all these rules as if I’m still in high school…he’s willing to stay patient for a year…but also really wants me to sleep over for his bday and New Years – and if I’m not allowed (due to my mom’s rules) then I think he’ll start to lose respect for my mom, or at least think she’s being totally unfair.

In my opinion, I think my relationship is at the point where I should be able to sleep over, at least on the weekends – i stay home during the weekdays. As of right now, I only visit him Saturday and Sunday, driving 45 minutes just to see him..I don’t sleep over. I wake up early and go drive down to see him, then i come home around 2 am.

I’m having such a hard time dealing with being apart from him all the time, and hearing two sides just arguing with me. I’m caught in the middle between two opposing sides and I hate it. I’ve had two arguments so far with my mom about why I should be able to sleepover…and they ended up in disaster and tears. So now I dont talk to my mom about it because I know what the result is going to be.

My boyfriend doesn’t understand why I can’t persuade my mom into letting me sleepover…but he just doesn’t know how old-school my mom is — ::shouldn’t be sleeping over a bf’s house if you’re not married to him::

For now I’m just swallowing my anger and keeping myself as patient as possible…”one more year,” i keep thinking….until I can finally move out. But even if I do move out, I don’t know if my mom is willing to accept the fact that I want to move in with my bf…by the time my one year living at home is over, I will be 4.5 years into my relationship.

Do you think my mom is being unreasonable? Can anyone give me some advice? …especially on how I should be communicating with my mom? (Note: My mom is very stubborn…if she says ‘no’ to something, it’s always going to be ‘no’) I need to break her habit of always sticking with her answers and being so damn stubborn…need help please =(


A bummer Tuesday….=( September 15, 2009

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My mini-bagels are becoming stale and hard…this is not good, considering I don’t like my bagels toasted either…
suffering from a mild headache, and praying that it’s not the onset of a cold/flu…swine flu you think? =/

Like any other day, I started with job searching…

I graduated in May, and I’m still unemployed! I think the whole searching-for-a-job-everyday thing is adding to my stress….In the last couple of months, I’ve signed up for several job search sites (monster, indeed, linkedin, careershift, hotjobs, craigslist…) and have gotten nothing but replies from scam companies that promise positive experiences, when we all truthfully know that they’re just positions that high school students can do as part-time – i.e. standing in front of supermarkets and trying to get people to sign up for stuff…

Not trying to sound cocky or full of myself, but I know I can do better. I didn’t attend a university for four years for a BA just to do some work that’s suited for ppl buried last under everyone else in the totem pole…. I know that with my skills and previous work experiences, I can do what most young professionals do at corporate offices. And as I read about the rise in unemployment..and seeing all the disheartening numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, things just don’t look good for me, or for any recent grads desperately looking for a job.

I’m trying to get my career launched towards social media/marketing..this is my passion. But this industry is so saturated right now that it seems difficult to break in to….so if anyone has any tips or recommendations I’m all on it! I live in NJ so the commute to NY isn’t bad at all <—that is where I hope to start my career.

Maybe I’ll update this post later on tonight, but for now my brain is begging for some relaxation and a time to de-stress!


Fat cells to stem cells???! September 14, 2009

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(From article in ZDNet Healthcare site)

Ahhh…to be able to have my own page!

This blog’s all about sharing information with me as well as others who visit this site. I feel like there’s a sense of accomplishment when one learns something new each day…I hope that through this blog we’ll all be able to help each other out my exchanging a continuous flow of information! 

If there’s something that you would like to share (let’s keep in mind that the topic must be appropriate), then please feel free to contact me! I would love to read your thoughts and opinions!

According to an article found on CNN, “Human fat yields multipurpose stem cells”, we are now able to reprogram fat cells to stem cells…. Kudos to those who’ve launched and are pursuing the study! no more dead babies and heated debates between pro choice and pro life! Finally, a solution to all the bickering and ethical dilemmas!

So does that mean that all liposuction patients will be compensated for their generosity in future/potential stem cells?? Leave some “spice” by writing a comment! Thanks!