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Fat cells to stem cells???! September 14, 2009

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(From article in ZDNet Healthcare site)

Ahhh…to be able to have my own page!

This blog’s all about sharing information with me as well as others who visit this site. I feel like there’s a sense of accomplishment when one learns something new each day…I hope that through this blog we’ll all be able to help each other out my exchanging a continuous flow of information! 

If there’s something that you would like to share (let’s keep in mind that the topic must be appropriate), then please feel free to contact me! I would love to read your thoughts and opinions!

According to an article found on CNN, “Human fat yields multipurpose stem cells”, we are now able to reprogram fat cells to stem cells…. Kudos to those who’ve launched and are pursuing the study! no more dead babies and heated debates between pro choice and pro life! Finally, a solution to all the bickering and ethical dilemmas!

So does that mean that all liposuction patients will be compensated for their generosity in future/potential stem cells?? Leave some “spice” by writing a comment! Thanks!


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