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A bummer Tuesday….=( September 15, 2009

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My mini-bagels are becoming stale and hard…this is not good, considering I don’t like my bagels toasted either…
suffering from a mild headache, and praying that it’s not the onset of a cold/flu…swine flu you think? =/

Like any other day, I started with job searching…

I graduated in May, and I’m still unemployed! I think the whole searching-for-a-job-everyday thing is adding to my stress….In the last couple of months, I’ve signed up for several job search sites (monster, indeed, linkedin, careershift, hotjobs, craigslist…) and have gotten nothing but replies from scam companies that promise positive experiences, when we all truthfully know that they’re just positions that high school students can do as part-time – i.e. standing in front of supermarkets and trying to get people to sign up for stuff…

Not trying to sound cocky or full of myself, but I know I can do better. I didn’t attend a university for four years for a BA just to do some work that’s suited for ppl buried last under everyone else in the totem pole…. I know that with my skills and previous work experiences, I can do what most young professionals do at corporate offices. And as I read about the rise in unemployment..and seeing all the disheartening numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, things just don’t look good for me, or for any recent grads desperately looking for a job.

I’m trying to get my career launched towards social media/marketing..this is my passion. But this industry is so saturated right now that it seems difficult to break in to….so if anyone has any tips or recommendations I’m all on it! I live in NJ so the commute to NY isn’t bad at all <—that is where I hope to start my career.

Maybe I’ll update this post later on tonight, but for now my brain is begging for some relaxation and a time to de-stress!


One Response to “A bummer Tuesday….=(”

  1. PeppyMe Says:

    Yeah, im in the same situation as u r =[ but hopefully sumthin good will come up soon! nice post! keep at it ❤

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